Does the book cover v4?

Thanks for creating this nice DMS project. I almost bought the book; but I noticed it’s mostly aimed a v3.

Will there be an update, or is the info in the book also useable for Mayan DMS v4.4?

The book is for version 3.2. Most of the material is still applicable to recent versions. Exceptions are some API endpoints, installation method.

Been trying to get the new book finished for a while but the project takes up all available free time and have been forced to push back the book.

Thanks for the reply. Will buy it as is.

We might be interested in commercial support: will book a meeting when we are done with our decision process.

¿No existe edición en español del libro?

Al momento no hay edición en español. Podria ser una alternativa en el futuro.

Lastima, (casi) no hay documentación en español de Mayan :sob:

Es mucho trabajo traducir a diferentes idiomas. El Ingles aunque no es mi idioma natal permite la mayor audiencia. Si se traduce al Español, sin duda habrán mas pedidos de traducciones que no van a poder ser completadas.

En el futuro favor de iniciar un tópico nuevo para evitar múltiple conversaciones en un solo tópico. Gracias.

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