Document types: Icon instead of preview for MIME types

one of Mayan’s great features is the automatic generation of document previews whenever possible. This is working excellent for a wide range of MIME types.

However in my case I’m working a lot with STP/STEP files, which is a text file containing 3D model data. As Mayan’s guess to handle it as a text file, it also generates a text preview. For this case this is not neccessary.

Is there a way to define an icon to use as preview images for some MIME types instead of generating a “real” preview?

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A long time ago there was something of the sort but it was removed because it required having an icon for each MIME type. Only the most common one were included. Now that we have a better icon system that include composition we can revisit adding this again.

Thanks for raising this issue!

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this will work. In Mayan a document is really a document version that points to one of more document files. This will only work if the document has only one file or if the document has multiple files but of the same MIME type.


yes, you’re right, on document level we can have multiple files. The preview Mayan is showing (on document level) is created from the latest file in the document as far as I know.

But each file has it’s own MIME type (on file level) which it generates it’s preview image from. For some MIME types it (in my case dxf or step files) it does not makes sence (even it is containing ASCII text data). So it could be a “nice to have” feature to see an icon for this file type instead of the preview, i.e. like the Windows explorer does.

So again on document level we could see the icon - if the document contains only one file or if the latest file is a MIME type from which we could get the icon.

What do you think?