Document merging

Say I have two documents from scanned images and I wanted to merge them into one single document and get rid of the original two.
I am having difficulty finding information on this here in the forum or in the other help areas.
I appreciate any help. Thanks.


This feature is already partly supported but not finished.
The final component is the user interface design.

More information in this post:

Thanks for your prompt response, Roberto.
How about merging several documents (more than two) in a single document? Let’s assume I have 15 pages of the same article uploaded as 15 documents and I want to merge them all into a single document. Can I do this? Or, how?

What I described above, relates only to files already uploaded to Mayan as documents.

If you have not uploaded the files yet to Mayan, you can already do appending and re-composition of documents by uploading the new files as extra files of an existing document.

As you upload the files you can easily append the pages of the new files, or recompose the document version afterwards. You can also reorder pages and disable pages. All of this is non-destructive and works even if the files are of different format (JPG + PDF + Office). You also have multiple layouts of the same combination and control them using ACLs so that a manager can see all merged pages but an intern can only see the title page or a reduced page version.