Disable antivirus / clamav

Is there a way to disable antivirus / clamav scanning on document uploads (ENV var, per doc type, etc)? This would be temporary while uploading a batch of 150k+ files from a “trusted” source. Antivirus scanning in this situation only adds unnecessary system load, excessive resource usage, delays, etc. Once the import / migration is complete, scanning can be re-enabled.


please note that both suggestions below should be treated with caution since I have never used them in my own environment :shushing_face:


correct my if I’m wrong. Mayan tries to find the clamav executable within the following system setting (configurable via gui or config file):


  path_clamscan: /usr/bin/clamscan

The default value for the binary path is /usr/bin/clamscan. So if you do not have clamav installed in your environment (i.e. clamav docker container) and not configured in your settings then no antivirus scan happens.


You could disable an app by using this setting:


and enter [‘file_metadata_clamav’] as a value.

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