Destination Mailbox in IMAP Source not working

I’ve setup an IMAP source which is working fine from the start. The email and the document are fetched from the IMAP server and deleted afterwards. I’d like to keep the fetched email on the IMAP server and have them tagged somehow or moved to another mailbox.

When I specify another mailbox still the message gets deleted but not moved or copied to the other mailbox. I’v already tried not to have the mail deleted. Also then no message moved or copied to the other folder. Just the original message is fetched again and again.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Thank you! Kind regards,
Richard Gresek

Actually the ‘Copy Message into Destination Mailbox’ works if you do not flag the message (\deleted). When I use the flag (\Seen) or the flag (\Flagged) things work fine.

My idea was to ‘move’ the message into destination mailbox which I cannot make work. So basically copy the message and then delete it. This did not work for me yet. Any suggestion to this?

Thank you!

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You need to activate “Expunge”. On IMAP proto this is like commit action. If not active, the other changes are not applied.