Deploy Mayan EDMS on Windows

Hi everyone

Is there any chance to deploy Mayan EDMS on Windows?



Maybe, instead of installing Docker directly use Docker Desktop which includes Docker Compose for windows.

After Docker Desktop is installed, deploy the official docker-compose.yml and env files.

However, due to poor Windows container support, Mayan on Windows is not officially supported.

  • Platform: GNU/Linux distributions or operating systems that support mature virtualization and mature Docker with Docker Compose support.

For best results, use hardware that includes optimizations for virtualization and an operating system with native support for containers.

Docker implementations may vary depending on the host operating system. For best results use Docker on a well supported GNU/Linux distribution.



While in theory it could be possible, my feeling is not to install Mayan in native Windows. I think all components Mayan EDMS uses do have Windows versions (Python, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Redis, …) - but there is a high effort of configuration on native Windows and I don’t know if it is tested.

When using Windows Professional Edition (or Server), you have Hyper-V built in. Therefore you can:

  1. Host a small Debian VM with docker in Hyper-V and deploy Mayan EDMS with Docker (a little bit virtualized virtualisation :slight_smile: )

  2. Use WSL (Debian system) with docker and deploy it

  3. Use Docker for Windows

At the moment I am using #1 (Windows Server 2019 with Hyper-V) for my productive environment.



Thank you so much for helping

Thank you so much for helping me😁

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