Dealing with bad actors in the forum

Hello there, long time Mayan user, fan and advocate, but not forum user.

I don’t usually open forum accounts or write posts because of the more than likely toxic reaction of a specific kind of open source software user. The user that thinks they are entitled to personal attention from the software creators or that their input is gospel that the software creators MUST follow. Users that think they know better than the actual people creating the software.

I stay away from those people but in some cases their actions affect users that do follow proper forum etiquette. My request is for @roberto.rosario and/or the forum moderators to take action against these users in a way that reduces the penalty on other users.

An example of this is the super insightful topic on the search system changes.

I’ve learned a lot and made changes that improved the Mayan installs I manage thanks to @roberto.rosario incredible explanation of this complex component.

Sadly the topic was closed and no further discussion can take place due to the behavior of a couple of users.

I think it would have been more productive to block participation of these users using a cool down period than to close the entire topic.

Mayan is an incredible piece of code and I can understand the stresses of working with such a big and complex project, specially the social part. This is in no way me trying to tell the people working on Mayan what to do but my opinion on how things could be improved from the point of view of a user that steers away from conflict as much as possible.

Thank you.

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