Computerized Memory and Research Center (NIMPI)

NIMPI - Núcleo Informatizado de Memória e Pesquisa do IFRO which translates to Computerized Memory and Research Center



Translated from their about page:

The IFRO Computerized Memory and Research Center (NIMPI) is a laboratory for research, digitization, preservation and dissemination of historical documents. Linked to the Extension Department created in 2013. It is located at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rondônia, Ji-Paraná Campus. Works in an interdisciplinary and computerized manner with an emphasis on the history of Rondônia and the Amazon. It seeks to preserve regional memories through digitization and creation of databases of historical primary sources (newspapers, magazines, private and institutional collections and official bodies), within a double concern: the creation of digital files with the possibility of searching thanks to technology of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and the preservation of original documents from physical handling and wear. It carries out mapping and diagnostic studies in historical collection sites in Rondônia, research, publications and traveling exhibitions that have already been presented in Ji-Paraná, Porto Velho, Ariquemes and Ouro Preto do Oeste.

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