COMMON_DISABLED_APPS configuration not working (?)

I tried to disable clamav by setting COMMON_DISABLED_APPS to “clamscan” or “[clamscan]”, but the antivirus keeps popping up when I upload new files (see image below):

I also restarted docker mayan-app-1 container with no success. So, I wonder, does COMMON_DISABLED_APPS configuration work?

the right setting for COMMON_DISABLE_APPS to get rid of ClamAV is ‘mayan.apps.file_metadata_clamav.apps.FileMetadataClamAVApp’.

I hope this is useful for someone.

Cheers :wave: :wave:


Where did you find the correct app name?

Knowledge Base tutorial explaining how to use COMMON_DISABLED_APPS, including the change in format between versions.

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