Color Scanned PDF's suddenly coming in as Black and White


We’ve been creating new documents that are color scanned PDF’s. They were coming as color just fine. Suddenly they are all coming in as Black and White. Even trying the Default Document type that Mayan pre-installed they come in as Black and White.

Could I have changed a setting to cause this to happen? I can’t think of any setting related to color that I could have changed.


I’m still dealing with this issue. I’ve looked at every setting I can find, and I don’t see anything that would cause everything to come in as Black and White.

I found the problem.

I had added the “Line Art” transformation to the Default Document Type.

Once I removed that transformation, all the files came in as Color.

The one thing I’m not clear on though. Is this affected the other Document Type I had defined, even though it had NO Transformations applied to it.

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