Cascading Lookups in meta data

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to make dependent lookups for documents metadata.


We are trying to add document issuer as document metadata field to collect the issuing party of a document, the problem is that the list is too long to be usable by the users but it can be logically sub categorized as per party type
for example: Internal/departmental, governmental entities and/or agencies, public sector, private sector, banks, education and collages, …etc.
This may help identifying multiple doc types received from the same entity.

apparently metadata lookup cannot read metadata filled at the upload wizard (logically they are not been written yet).

so is there any work around for this.

Thank you all


This is not possible at the moment. The main issue is design, We have not found a way (visual and setup method) to implement this in a manner that would work for many use cases.

As you noted this needs to work at the frontend metadata type code level even when no document is created and not metadata entry exists in the database.

It is something on our unstructured roadmap but still not at the design level which is one of our earliest stages that need to be completed before a feature is coded.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks Roberto for your swift answer,

Can this be done with a custom app, (if yes do you have any materials to help with the creation of such an app -to get me starting at least-)

If the book is good enough to get me starting with such an app, I’ll not wait for the version 4 book to be released.

Thanks again and I really appreciate the efforts and the system.

Best Regards