Cabinet not Displaying

Hi guys please I need urgent assistance from you all, I have a cabinet created with other sub level cabinet.

However it’s 0 and other sub level cabinet too are not showing. check from the database I see all the parent ID and the sub cabinet.

Guys please I need all the help I can get from this community.


Hi guy’s please I’m still expecting your experience response as regards this.

However I don’t know if there’s anyway I can move the cabinet through the PostGreSQL ?


I’m scared it looks like I have exhausted the numbers of time I’m expected to ask question on the platform.

@roberto.rosario I know you’re very busy with other things, if only I could get this last one fixed. I won’t bother to asked question till the next month.


I never had this kind of problem, so I cannot provide a specific solution, but some ideas to check:

  • when adding a new level to the cabinet, do you find the new entry in the postgres database immediately?
  • what happens if you rename the label of the cabinet CRU Files to something else within the database? Does it show the new name in Mayan?
    → if it doesn’t there could be a problem with caching, you could try to restart containers, esp. Redis
    → reconnect to Mayan in your browsers private mode to make sure to not have any cached files
  • does your Mayan user have full permissions on that cabinet?