Bulk downloading

I met the problem with bulk files downloading in ver 4.4.8
Even the all fields are active and accessible the download process is not sucessfull at all. Single downloading works ok.

System just says that the downloading is added to the queue and that is… No files are going to be downloaded.
I check in tools/files downloading - it is empty.

Check the top right corner of your screen: „Messages“

There you will find the download links

Unfortunately the screen Messages and the screen Notifications are absolutely empty. So it doesn’t work

Ok, this just works for me in version 4.4.8. Unfortunately that’s all I can contribute.

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May be the problem happened because I had updated from 4.4.1 to 4.4.8 without prompting all releases inside. So I will try to go through the way upgrading sequentially

Finally it works on 4.4.8 in case if You install it from the scratch. Updating the system from previous version even from 4.4.3 makes this option non working.


It made it working by fixing one line only in settings/Storage

STORAGE_DOWNLOAD_FILE_STORAGE_ARGUMENTS location: /var/lib/mayan/download_files