Blank web page after update to 4.4.x


I use Mayan now for about one year as my private document management system and I’m very happy with it!

It runs as a direct installation on virtual Debian 11 on a proxmox server.

When updating from 4.3.4 to 4.4.2 I have the problem that I only get a blank page whithout any content when trying to load mayan.

I restored the backup of 4.3.4 updated to 4.3.5 without any problems and than tried 4.4 with the same result of a blank page.

I use the following command for the update:
sudo --user=mayan /opt/mayan-edms/bin/pip install mayan-edms==4.4

I also updated to the lastet version of pip (23.0).

Any idea what the problem could be?

gr0mit :O)


Besides installing the new version package there are other steps that need to be performed like running the performupgrade that will migrate your database, download new JavaScript files and package them, update the Supervisord file and maybe others.

Please be aware that the direct install is no longer supported.


Please be aware that the direct install is no longer supported.

What is the proposed deployment strategy for platforms/OSes, where Docker is not available then?


Use an OS that supports Docker as a VM.

Is there a particular reason/problem why the direct deployment has been discontinued?

To be honest, setting up a VM seems overkill to me, when in fact I only need a Python Interpreter and a few other dependencies to get it running.

The direct deployment requires advanced knowledge of Linux, Python, Django, Mayan, and the dependencies. Each direct deployment can deviate quite a lot from each other.

We were spending a lot of time on wild goose chases trying to diagnose issues that were ultimelty caused by user error from the direct deployment.

Using Docker takes care of installation, packaging, dependencies, upgrades, configuration, networking.

Packaging for Docker also allows for greater scalability, allows using Docker Compose as well as Kubernetes. Those two alone are worth the change in policy.

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