Best practice for document network data storage

I’m using Mayan within a Docker setup and it stores all document data in a local docker volume on the docker host. For my production environment I would like to improve the data storage concept in favor of better space and backup possibilities. So I’m planning to move Mayans document storage target to a NAS.

As there are many options to do that I wonder if there is a recommended way for a configuration:

  • What is the best mounting point?

    • OS level (docker host)?
    • docker volume level?
    • Mayan’s config path?
  • Which is the best protocol to use?

    • iSCSI?
    • NFS
    • SMB?

Any better solutions? In may case all components (docker host, NAS, …) are all in local networks, no cloud environment or remote servers are inveolved.

Best regards, Torsten