Availability of configuration information

Hi there,

after having tried Mayan back during version 3.5.3 I just came back to try out the newest version. There were a couple bugs back in the days that kept me from using Mayan to organize my private documents so I figured I’d give it another go to see how things have evolved.

While trying to configure the first things on the new installation, namely filename generator configs, I noticed that a lot of pages in the documentation do not contain any actual documentation but just a link to a subscription-based knowledge base. As a practical example I can not find any documentation related to “filename generator backend arguments”. I can neither find out whether it is possible to further customize filename generation beyond the three drop-down choices nor how the syntax and possible configs for the backend arguments look like. I don’t even know whether I am looking in the right category :wink:

Before going further trying to set up a working system to see whether it suits my needs I’d like to inquire whether there will be publicly accessible documentation in the future or all future documentation efforts will be concentrated on the non-public subscription-only knowledge base?

Thanks for taking the time to answer!