Automatic document versioning based on name file

Hi there,
I recently started using Mayan and wanted to ask if this kind of workflow was possible.
I want to set up a monitored folder (cloud or local), from which automatically upload documents, but with this condition:
If the file name is the same as another document, upload it as version X of that document, make it the current version (active version), and then ocr scanning etc.
Is it possible? Thank you.


I have not tested this, but using the workflow HTTP action to call Mayan’s own API should provide all the steps to implement this use case.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try that out.
Another thing if you don’t mind:
Is there a possibility to view pdfs with an external viewer? Like the one in the browser. I find browsing pdfs with many pages a bit tedious as there is no ability to scroll and zoom easily.

Hi, please open a new topic for a diffent discussion. That helps the body of the post to keep relevant to the topic title and helps other users when searching for content. Thank you.