Attaching Tags with Workflows

I’m not sure if this is the intended use for the workflows and the attach tag action of the workflows, but I am trying to set it up to automatically tag a document based on the contents of the document (currently with state tags (i.e. Alabama, California, Colorado, etc.)).

When running the logic through sandbox, I get a positive result back for the text ‘california’ being in the document.

However, when the workflow is triggered, the tag is not added to the document. I am assuming I am probably missing something simple, but some guidance would be great!


This is the current setup for the action of the workflow:

You cannot access the document directly when you are in the context of a workflow. Use ‚workflow_instance.document…‘ instead

Figured it out, solution below just in case someone else makes my same mistake:

After walking away for a few hours and coming back, I realized my workflow condition was looking at document.ocr_content instead of workflow_instance.document.ocr_content. This is why it was not applying the tags properly.

Hopefully this helps someone saves a few hours in the future.

Haha, I was just typing my reply where I figured it out, thank you for replying though!!

Good that you got it working but bad timing by me :sweat_smile: