Attach metadata to Directories

I am new to mayan, so sorry if this is a stupid question. I am still not sure if mayan is the right tool for me. I want to attach metadata to directories. Is this possible?

We need a solution for our project archive. So the structure is as follows:
00 Proposal
01 Results
02 Bills

Each project has a state, i.e. open / in progress / completed / closed and other metainformation (customer, team, date, …)
The state should be attached to the project folder project_no_xyz, so that one can do searches, i.e. show me all closed projects be customer xyz.

Is this possible? Dows it make sense?


Yes this can be managed by Mayan out of the box.

User workflows to track the state of a document:

Use an index to group documents automatically by state and by project ID:

Each state and index name it automatically stored and made available for the full text search.