Archiving solution that works with mayan edms?

Is there an archiving solution that works well with mayan edms?

Here is my usecase:

I have lots of documents, instead of increasing storage for the document files, I would like to archive files that are older than a certain date.

After archiving/removing files would I still be able to view the document information such as added metadata?

What is the recommended way to do it? I store my files in the filesystem.

That is a new use case, but it would be almost possible as things are right now.

It is possible to have documents with no files attached to them. These are called document stubs. However they are meant to be temporary and are pruned if no files get attached to them. The default is 24 hours (mayan/apps/documents/ · master · Mayan EDMS / Mayan EDMS · GitLab)

It would be possible to add a setting to disable document stub pruning. This would allow you to delete the files and just keep the database information about the document.

Seems simple enough at first glance that could be added in the next minor version.

Thanks for the request.

Thank you very much!

I facing the same issue. So I created a feature to disables the deleting of document shells. It does by adding a binary flag to apps/documents/ that causes it to skip the deleting.

I sent’ this code when @legosiv posted by has not recevied any reply from the Mayan team!

How to get this code added to Mayan??

I checked and could not find a signed CAA document matching your email account.

Without a signed CAA we cannot include, review, or even look at submitted code.

You can find the CAA document and instructions at: Mayan EDMS Individual Contributor Assignment Agreement — Mayan EDMS 4.4.5 documentation

signed and sent to email,what is next!?