API search, using AND

Is it possible to AND two search fields? Below seems to result in an OR evaluation. Not only that, but it also appears that cabinets__label value is searched as individual words, Invoices, awaiting, entry, instead of Invoices awaiting entry.

/api/v4/search/documents.documentsearchresult/?_ordering=-datetime_created&document_type__label=blah&cabinets__label=Invoices awaiting entry

The documents filter and match_all does seem to enforce an AND evaluation, however.

/api/v4/documents/?_ordering=-datetime_created&filter__match_all=true&filter_document_type__label=Invoice without Purchase Order&filter_cabinets__label=Invoices awaiting entry



It is possible using search scopes. Each search scope acts like a parenthesis to isolate a single search. Operators (AND, OR, NOT) can be specified to determine the relationship between scopes. Due to the complex search queries that can be created using search scopes need, these need to be written by hand.

The entire search lexicon is available to search scopes too making them very powerful and the closest you can get to an SQL style query of your document repository.

Working on a Knowledge article covering their entire functionality and usage.