Allowing only one document type when creating a new document

Hello everyone,

I’m learning Mayan for a few weeks, using the docker compose version, one step at a time.
But I’m stumped on this one : I want to create a role that can only create one type of document, but I can’t seem to do it.
I’m creating a document type and attach it to a role that can only create new documents. When I do this, the user with that role has no menu entry for creating a new document. So I give role permission to create new documents, but then he can create every single document type.

I 'm not sure how to proceed, any help is appreciated.

Hello Fred,

This image is a backup what i have from the old forum.

For your case follow the flow of example.

Create a empty USER B Without Access Control List(ACL), Create a group B without ACL, put the user B in the group B, create a Role B without permissions, link the role B with the group B, Create doctype B and add a ACL for the doctype B with the role B with permissions create doc, create doc files, view doc, view doc files… and repeat … create source B or use the default source, add ACL to source B(or default) linked with role B, and add to ACL permissions create documents, create new document files.

Sorry for my bad english.



I was missing the source use, thanks a lot, it works now !
And also thanks for that picture, I wish I could read the old forum…

Best regards,

Exactly the same for me. I was missing the source, too. Now it works perfectly.

Thanks and best regards