Active Directory/Domain Groups for ACLs

Is there a way to configure Mayan EDMS to authenticate users via Active Directory instead of utilizing its native user account system, and to employ Domain Groups in place of Roles for managing ACLs?


Since there are so many way to configure AC and LDAP, an authentication backend is not included. Instead you create a settings file based on the example provided in the documentation (

Copy your custom AC/LDAP authentication file for the mayan_settings folder of the Mayan Docker volume and let Mayan know it should use this file as the main settings file with:


Restart the start and test. Due to the nature of AC/LDAP you will need to fine tune the configuration a bit.

LDAP is used only for authentication. At the moment role membership is an isolated element of Mayan and needs to be modified from Mayan itself via the UI or the API.