A little love for the devs

Everybody loves to hate open source devs. So here are some memes in appreciation of the work the Mayan team puts out.







Using Paperless NGX for about a year. Convinced my boss to use it for work. Everything went well for about two months.

When we crossed the 10k document mark things fell apart. Paperless would just choke up on new documents and old documents we not accessible anymore. Paperless NGX almost got me fired.

Thankfully found Mayan and swiftly replaced Paperless NGX. Mayan has a very bad rep and I realized it was completely undeserved. The moment I mention Mayan on the PaperlessNGX Reddit or Discord it unleashes a torrent of hate. The community went from loving dev to hateful trolls with the flick of a switch. That’s when I realized the popularity of PapelessNGX is based on lies about Mayan.

Using Mayan now I realized most features of PaperlessNGX are based (or plainly copied from Mayan). I realized now that the main argument to not use Mayan (that it depends on a single dev) is just plain false. Paperless itself is no safe from being abandoned and in fact has been abandoned, not once but twice, and the new team is just a bunch of anonymous internet users with no accountability.

PaperlessNGX almost got me fired and with good reason.

Anyways here is my contribution to the meme collection based on my experiences. Hope others can learn about proper selection of business open source and not fall for the same popularity lies about PaperlessNGX and the misconceptions they’ve created about Mayan, as I did.


Not a week since my post and someone else found out the hard way that Paperless NGX is not meant for any serious usage. This guy tried to upload 10TB of data to Paperless NGX and it choked up rather quickly.


Even then, you can still feel the hate for Mayan. These guys never learn.


In honor of this Reddit post I made a new meme, enjoy!