Version 3.1.5 released

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Version 3.1.5 released

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This is a bug fix version and all users are encouraged to upgrade.

This release include fixes for the index mirroring command that allows mounting indexes as filesystems.
Newline characters in index level values are converted into spaces before exporting them as directories.
The duplicated index level code was also improved. Index levels with the same value are now ignore as it is
not possible to have to filesystem directories with the same name. And improved cache and cache invalidation
class was added which eliminates some edge case errors in mounted indexes when using PostgreSQL as the system
database manager.

Version 3.1 added a link in the page view that shows the OCR for that page. This release adds a similar link
but for the parsed text.

This release includes several fixes for Python 3 compatibility and reduce the fail count of the test suit to
just one test. Beta support for Python 3 is around the corner.

Improve transformation argument validation was added to this version. If some of your existing transformations
are not being execute, check the format of their arguments and correct as needed.

Stricter error checking was added to the crop transformation which sometimes allowed invalid values.

Document page images are now centered in the document preview view.

The function of the "Store body" option checkmark in the email sources view has been fixed.

An error that made it impossible to add more then one metadata to a document at the same time
has been fixed.

Complete release notes are available here:
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