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How to restrict user access to documents with specific metadata values

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2022 2:09 pm
by brunoc68
Dear all,

After I read the documentation regarding Roles and ACLs, I still do not know how to start with.

Basically, I have one type of documents, each with one single metadata and I have several groups of users.

I want to give users of group1 access to documents with metadata=value1, users of group2 access to documents with metadata=value2, etc...

How to achieve that ? I could not find how to link roles and/or acls to a specific metadata value...

PS : a bit of background information. The documents here are commercial data about specific customers (the metadata is the customer name). There are several groups of salesmen, each in charge of dedicated customers. One does not want that every salesman has access to every document, but only to the documents related to his own customers. Moreover, this can change with time : a customer that was assigned to SalesmenGroup1 will suddenly be assigned to SalesmenGroup2.
This case can be translated in over areas, for example accountancy : bills from supplier1 are handled by AccountantTeam1, whereas bills from supplier2 are handled by AccountantTeam2. Etc...