Workflow question: Upload from staging

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Workflow question: Upload from staging

Post by Leontopodium »

Hi everone,

I use Mayan to store and organize my personal documents. I have it set up so that when I scan my paper documents, they automatically land in the staging folder for Mayan. Then, I use the web frontend "Document upload wizard" with source "Preview before uploading" to import the documents and assign tags to them. I usually do this in two steps. I.e. I scan a bunch of documents and later I use the web frontend to import them all.

I want to manually assign tags so that I can later easily find for example everything that is related to taxes or whatever.

I am currently on version 4.0.15 (docker installation).

My question is: The document upload wizard feels really cumbersome for my workflow; I am doing this the wrong way?

Why cumbersome? Because it makes me pick a set of tags first, before I get to see which documents are in the staging folder. That means I have to have the staging folder open in a different window to see what the next document is so I can select the tags. And when I want to import the next document with different tags, I need to start the wizard from the beginning.

This is what it looks like:
Step 2 - Select tags:
step2.PNG (17.48 KiB) Viewed 396 times
Step 3 (there is no step 4, regardless of what it said above ;) ) - Pick documents (here from a total of 59 documents in my staging folder):
step3.PNG (42.57 KiB) Viewed 396 times

I don't understand why it would make sense to pick a set of tags first and then pick the documents for those tags rather than going through the documents and then assigning tags for each. I feel like I am missing the point.
Maybe I should be doing the importing and tagging in a completely different UI? Or is my use case just so unusual that the user experience for this is not optimized? In the latter case I might create a feature request to improve that.

I would be glad for any tips or explanations.
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Re: Workflow question: Upload from staging

Post by RobertVib »

I can't find the post but I believe this was rooted in a previous limitation of either Django or HTTP.It seems the file upload needed to be the last step otherwise the refresh from pressing the 'Next' button would clear the session or something similar.

Things might have changed since then and Mayan now has a full API for source so it might be a good idea to revisit this.
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