Workflow Transition on Adding Tag

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Workflow Transition on Adding Tag

Post by w.hackl »

Hi there ,
I'm stuck on desgining a workflow with EDMS 4.0.12

uploaded documents should get on a second stage of the workflow by adding a tag to the documents.
it would be nice someone could point me to the right syntax ...

In the "Workflow Transition Menu" there is the condition defined as seen in the post
but this does not work

what would be the right syntax for a document with the tag "STAGE2" in the condition field ?

{% method workflow_instance.document.tags "filter" label="STAGE2" as tag_result %}{% if tag_result %}True{% endif %}

is not working

Any suggestions ?
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Re: Workflow Transition on Adding Tag

Post by bwakkie »

I'm having the same problem. Did you find it out? I was thinking of using the tags too, Replace them in the workflow and checking the tags to move the documents through the workflow.

But for now, all the documents start in the initial state of the workflow and stay there as I cannot capture the tag in the same way you wanted to do this.

Any help or examples would be highly appreciated.
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Re: Workflow Transition on Adding Tag

Post by gtrot »


This condition worked for me :

Code: Select all

{% for tag in workflow_instance.document.tags.all %}{% if tag.label == "transition" %}True{% endif %}{% endfor %}
Is that what you meant?

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