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Assign multiple mobile numbers to a document and retreive that document by searching for any of those numbers

Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2022 6:54 am
by legosiv
I know a bit on how to use the search api (not the advanced one). I've assigned a mobile number metadata to a document and created an index which organizes documents according to the documents assigned mobile number. So when I call the following route I get the node where the document is.

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I would like to change the organization structure so that a document can have multiple mobile numbers associated with it and searching any of those numbers can give me that document.

if you can answer a few more questions, I would really like to know how to use the fields below, I know that we can use django templating to achieve different functionality but I dont know how. Also I would like to know the difference between the search and advanced search and how to use advanced search.