Users missing after upgrade

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Users missing after upgrade

Post by Leseratte10 »

I've just updated Mayan EDMS from an ancient version (unfortunately I didn't write down which one) to the most recent one (4.1.4) by downloading the new Docker image, and I'm running into two errors that I don't know how to fix.

The first one is this error message in the Mayan log:

Code: Select all

mayan.apps.databases.model_mixins <17> [ERROR] "get_backend() line 39 ModuleNotFoundError while importing backend: mayan.apps.staging_folders.source_backends.SourceBackendStagingFolder; No module named 'mayan.apps.staging_folders'"
mayan-edms: run_all
I don't know if that's a problem, but it certainly looks wrong, and I didn't find anything when searching for that error message.

The second issue is that all my user accounts seem to be gone. I can still login with all of them, but they don't show up anywhere. If I go to "#/accounts/users/", all I see is the one account I created after the upgrade, testing if that would bring back the others. Not even the account I'm currently logged in with, or the root user, shows up there.

Same for group management - when I go to #/accounts/groups/1/users/ to try and add one of my user accounts to a group, the only user I can see is the one I manually added.

If I do go to /#/events/events/, I can see what the users are doing, however, so they must still be present in some way (and if they weren't, they wouldn't be able to log in ...)

I tried editing the user (changing the password), I tried running " changepassword" (which was successful), but the user accounts still aren't displayed.

How can I best get this fixed so my user management works again?

Also, this seems like a huge security issue, being able to have users (even with root rights) that don't show up anywhere in user management but can still log in and do stuff ...
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Re: Users missing after upgrade

Post by bernroth »

I had the same problem.

For some reason the backend module was "Null" in my case.

I simply deleted and recreated all sources, problem fixed.
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