Mayan EDMS LDAP Integration

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Mayan EDMS LDAP Integration

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I installed Mayan EDMS 4.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 using 'Docker Compose installation' methot as described document. Its great and basic, ok.
I want to use Active Directory / Ldap cretendial to login system. I searched on google and find some of articles, blogs etc.. but cant it.

Please can someones help me to set it or share step by step clear document.

For example, when i did instruction link below, i cant find /docker-volumes/mayan-edms/media/mayan_settings/ path etc.

or update
MAYAN_PIP_INSTALLS: python-ldap django_auth_ldap
MAYAN_APT_INSTALLS: libsasl2-dev python3-dev libldap2-dev libssl-dev libgle3 build-essential autoconf libtool pkg-config gcc
MAYAN_SETTINGS_MODULE: mayan_settings.myldapfile
config above on docker-compose.yml file and runnig
docker-compose --file docker-compose.yml --project-name mayan up --detach
comment, didnt work mayan interface.



Thank you..
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