Installation on remote server (i.e. Digitalocean)

Reverse proxies, SSL termination, web servers, helm charts, integrations, batch files, anything having to do with installing Mayan.
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Installation on remote server (i.e. Digitalocean)

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We'd like to perform an Installation on a remote server (i.e. Digitalocean), however, can't seem to find any instructions, all is for local host.

Are we missing some KB/forum entry or is it only possible in local?

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Installation on remote server (i.e. Digitalocean)

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Commands from the download page ( can be executed remotely using an SSH console.

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ssh curl -fsSL -o
ssh INSTALL_DOCKER=true sh
When using a Linux console, there is not much difference between localhost and remote.

If you are looking for a configuration management tool like Salt Stack, Ansible, or Chef, we don't provide those. They are beyond the scope of the deployments type we support ourselves. A quick search returns some contributed by users:
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Re: Installation on remote server (i.e. Digitalocean)

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Hey there, I came across this post and thought maybe I would ask is you (OP) ever got that sorted, i too am a newbie to containers and i really need to get Mayan available using DIgitalOcean.

I have the containers (Mayan and postgres) up and running as per the deployment instructions but I cannot find any info on whether i need to deploy and attach a Nginx container ( and how to connect ) or can i wire up a normal install of Nginx to serve the Mayan Container ? I understand that this isnt exactly the best place for this but you seemed to have the same problem as i.

If maybe you have found a good resource for these sort of things, I could really use the direction here....
thanks in advance.....
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Re: Installation on remote server (i.e. Digitalocean)

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Hi deckpenguin
did you manage to get mayan-edms installed and configured on digitalocean ?
I am new to digitalocean and mayan-edms but would very much like to get a droplet with mayan running :-)
If you have hints what needs to be done i would be very thankful (just starting from scratch)
thanks in advance.....

instructions and hints ... so far (here end alse):
docker installation via Mayan EDMS 3.5 documentation -> › chapters › docker › install_simple
mayan-edms install via automated script OR commands remotely from the download page (
configuration management via salt and ansible (not nginx?)
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