Handle technical drawings

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Handle technical drawings

Post by sam.jenkins » Fri May 31, 2019 1:22 pm

Hi All,

I've recently setup Mayan-Edms (and eventually got LDAP authentication to work!). The software is great, but the lack of any kind of default setup is a little daunting - hopefully it'll be better in the long run.

I'm looking for a bit of guidance for our particular use case.

We produce technical drawings which relate to a part with a unique reference. For example DRW-00459-01, and we often generate multiple drawings in different formats for the same part.


When we modify the part the 01 will be incremented to 02 etc.

I would like the PDF files to go through OCR and parsing, but the other files are fairly propriety so just produce 100s of pages of garbage text when parsed and OCR'd.

I'd like to be able to upload all 4 files at the same time as they can all use the same metadata, but to do this i believe i have to assign them all the same document type, which doesn't seem sensible.

Any ideas how to handle this?

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Re: Handle technical drawings

Post by rosarior » Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:06 pm


thanks for trying Mayan out and reporting back.

There is a default setup after installation with a default type, source, deletion policy, and super user. Enough to get started as soon as it finishes installing. To provide more default would customize the installation for a specific use which would not be a good practice as one of Mayan's advantage over other DMSes is it policy agnostic nature.

in this case I would recommend using the same document type for the .PDFs and the .dwg if they are both the results of the same drawing export.
A Document type is Mayan is not the same a a file type. Document types are defined by the properties or function they perform. So if a .dwg drawing performs the same function as a .PDF drawing they can be considered to be the same document type. Document types can be changed later on manually as an action of a workflow.

To speed upload you can upload all files for a particular drawing as a zip file and use the checkmark in the wizard to uncompress the file and process each member as a separate document.

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Re: Handle technical drawings

Post by sam.jenkins » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:43 am


This is working well, although i did have to play with libmagic (python-magic) to add some new mime-types to prevent parsing/OCR on plain text based CAD files (50+ pages of gibberish didn't seem very efficient).

I'm now looking at how to handle versioning. When we release new versions we increment the revision digits in the filename. Eg DRW-00459-01.pdf becomes DRW-00459-02.pdf.

I believe the only way i can version in Mayan is to go to each individual document and manually add the new version - it would be great if this could be done automatically with a bulk upload (perhaps through metadata lookup or a mask on the filename to detect version of the same document)?

My next issue is that when i update the document, the document label doesn't change to reflect the new filename, which means the document in Mayan still has the old version digits. Is there a way to access the docment.latest_version raw filename, so i can automate the relabeling?

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