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Mayan EDMS iaas DigitalOcean Setup

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 2:45 am
by RobertVib
mayan-edms iaas digitalocean setup

This is a simple example project that sets up a digitalocean droplet for mayan edms via terraform and ansible.
What is setup?

A simple docker installation for mayan edms consisting of an application container, a postgresql container and a redis container. The mayan-edms only listens at 8080 on localhost. A nginx reverse proxy is used for TLS termination and proxy passes than from port 443 to 8080. Fail2ban is setup to block an ip for 1 hour after 5 login requests within a minute from a single respective ip. The volume that holds the data is encrypted via LUKS. Letsencrypt and certbot are used for the TLS certificate and certificate management.