Mayan and Nextcloud

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Mayan and Nextcloud

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I've set up a docker-compose with both Mayan and Nextcloud working with LetsEncrypt (using nginx proxy). Both apps are up and running.

I have a volume created called ncdata and reference it as follows:

- ncdata:/var/www/html/data (for NextCloud)

- ncdata:/staging_files (for Mayan)

I'd like to be able to use my NextCloud data folder as a staging folder for Mayan, but I've run into the problem that NextCloud creates the files as user www-data and then I get a permissions error from Mayan (I assume because Mayan is using the mayan user).

I'm new to: docker, docker-compose, Mayan, and Nextcloud, and rusty on my Linux, so maybe it is something trivial...

Has anyone done anything like this or have some suggestions?


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Re: Mayan and Nextcloud

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Hi Greg,

I pretty much do the same thing:

I mount the nextcloud folder via WebDAV on the Mayan host (actually the same host) and mount the WebDAV share into the Mayan container and use it as a source in Mayan. I actually also use this folder as base folder for a ftp server that my scanner/printer connects to. By using WebDAV it is fine to move delete or do whatever with the files as opposed to mounting the actual nextcloud data folder.


1. Mount folder via WebDAV/davfs (in /etc/fstab) on host (set permissions according to your needs)
2. Mount WebDAV folder in Mayan container
3. Use mounted folder as source an enjoy
4. Optional but recommended: Untangle Nextcloud and Mayan...
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