Create custom quota

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Create custom quota

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I'm currently testing Mayan as it seems to be one of the only few that are free and open source and have features like real permissions (others I've viewed do only have permissions for documents or none at all but I need to be able to restrict users)
So far, the workflow seems a bit complicated but I will get used to operate it. But now to my question:

I see that Mayan supports quotas and there are already two really useful ones available to be used but one I could need and that's missing is a quota to restrict how many users can be created. As I'm a developer myself I can try to implement such a quota but I cannot find any resource on how to start implementing new quotas, so can someone give me a few tips? I found the already existing quotas in code but I'm not used to it yet so I cannot figure out what I would need to implement.

The reason for all is that I'm the founder of an IT company and I want to offer a DMS as a service so having different quotas would be beneficial to implement tiers.

Thanks for the help
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Re: Create custom quota

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Quotas work by intercepting signals, this way it is possible to add quotas to existing or third party apps without directly modifying them. The quota app was created to control usage for users at the app level, what you are describing is a platform or deployment quota and it is beyond the scope of the original quotas app.

We can create a modified quota app for your web hosting purpose.
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