2FA intergration using TOTP

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2FA intergration using TOTP

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I am a home user and i use Mayan just to scan and store all my important documents so i can easy lookup documents when i need them. I run my Mayan environment as a docker container (with postgres and redis) on a Synology DS1019+ and that works very well. Recently i put traefik as a reverse proxy with TLS termination (Lets Encrypt) in front of all my docker apps so my mayan app is now available outside my home environment through https.

Now i want to secure the login a bit more. I see there are options to use an LDAP server for user authentication the amount of users i have created in Mayan are limited to 5 so no need for LDAP. Does LDAP add extra security?
Is it posible to add 2Factor Authentication to the local Mayan account.

I use a password vault that supports TOTP. Is there a option to implement 2FA in combination with the Mayan user database?

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Wouter Iliohan
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Re: 2FA intergration using TOTP

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This is on the roadmap and we have an experimental implementation already in place. However since this feature depends on an API change that is not backwards compatible it won't be out until version 4.0 at least.

Another core member is developing a TOTP hardware token using MicroPython for a completely free and offline solution.
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