Ability to clone/copy workflow?

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Ability to clone/copy workflow?

Post by solano1 »

When you look at workflow like this:



You can only imagine the complexity under the hood. It would be nice feature to be able to make a backup/clone/copy of it. Either for safe keeping, dev/test work for changes to it, or to use as basis to create another similar workflow.

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Re: Ability to clone/copy workflow?

Post by franco »

Copying Django model instances is very hard and there are no official methods.

This was on the roadmap but the solutions were not approved because they were app and model dependent.

A new generic solution was just approved that works for any object type (https://gitlab.com/mayan-edms/mayan-edm ... e94ca7d2a1). It will be available on the next major release (version 3.5) which is well underway.
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