[SOLVED] Simple Docker upgrade steps incorrect?

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Re: [SOLVED] Simple Docker upgrade steps incorrect?

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I'll look into that more. I was confused because on this Mayan page

https://docs.mayan-edms.com/chapters/do ... mpose.html

it says 'To deploy a complete production stack using the included Docker compose file execute:'. To me that indicated that Docker Compose is included in the Docker and Mayan installation.
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Re: [SOLVED] Simple Docker upgrade steps incorrect?

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I can understand how the page as it is may cause some confusion. I'll update the documentation now to make it clearer that neither docker compose nor the compose.yml file required is included. We always have to draw a fine line between documentation for Mayan and ending up documenting Docker or other technologies themselves, and it's not entirely clear in this case. But the links I sent in the previous post cover both installing docker compose and the link to the example compose file in our gitlab.
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