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Community contributed guides or tutorials for multiple topics like installations for other operating systems or platforms, monitoring, log aggregation, etc.
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Guide Index & About the "Guides" forum

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About the Guides forum

This is a new forum and is for community-contributed guides, tutorials and tips.
We recommend you subscribe to the forum by clicking "Subscribe forum" at the bottom of the topic list page so you're notified of new additions.

Guides posted here are not officially supported or endorsed by the Mayan EDMS Team, however we will do our best to ensure content is kept up to date and working where possible, and prune content no longer functioning or required.

If a guide proves popular with the community and receives positive feedback the team will migrate the guide to the Official Documentation.

This forum section is mod-post only so we can ensure the best experience for the community, but users are able and encouraged to post replies to any thread in this forum sharing their experience of the guide or offer any feedback.

If you have something you would like to contribute to this section please post it in General or Deployments and a moderator will move it here for you.
If you want to request a guide be made, then reply to this post.

Guides Post Index


Serve Mayan EDMS over HTTPS using Traefik reverse proxy, LetsEncrypt and docker-compose - A guide to deploying a fast reverse proxy to Mayan so you can add HTTPS support. Written by rssfed23.

How to install Mayan EDMS 3.3.x on MacOS Catalina - A guide to deploying Mayan EDMS natively on MacOS (no docker or VMs). Written by rssfed23.

How to Test Mayan Deployment on Windows 8 (3.3.x) - A walkthrough of installation of Docker & Mayan on Windows 8 with links to common issues run into. Thanks maathieu for the contribution.

FreeNAS 11.2 FreeBSD jail deployment - Guide to deploying Mayan EDMS on FreeNAS/FreeBSD using Jails. Please ensure you read through the whole thread as there have been updates posted since it was written by rosarior

Organisation: Indexing, Cabinets, Smart Links & Metadata:

Mayan EDMS Organisation Concepts Introduction - An introduction to the different types of objects within Mayan EDMS and some suggestions on how to organise your document management environment. Written by rssfed23

Mayan EDMS Workflow Concepts Introduction and an Example Workflow to Send an Email on Every Document Upload - A complete Workflow tutorial to guide the user through the power of Mayan's Workflow system and state engine. Example shown will send an email upon every document upload, but this can be the foundation for any business process. Written by rssfed23

Mayan EDMS Index Reference - An explanation of the Mayan EDMS Indexing system and a collection of Index examples and hints. Thanks KevinPawsey for starting the thread and everyone else that has shared back their indexing configurations.

Operations: Scaling, Performance Tuning, Monitoring and Backup/Restore

How to Load Test Mayan EDMS (and some very impressive results) - A tutorial on using Locust to perform a load test on Mayan EDMS so you can improve your infrastructure. At the end of the tutorial are some impressive results showing how Mayan EDMS can comfortably scale to over 1000 concurrent users with only 2 vCPU & 2GB of Memory. Written by rssfed23.

Automatically Move Scanned Documents to Watch Folder - A third party project that can automatically move documents to the Mayan Watch Folder once they've finished being scanned by the scanner to avoid processing the file too early in some situations. Many thanks to m42e for the contribution and code!

Use Shard based/content addressable storage in Mayan EDMS - A howto on switching Mayan EDMS to use a third party sharded/CAS backend. Many thanks to forum user hercovandyk for the contribution.

Coming soon:
Basic Mayan tuning/performance notes
RabbitMQ tutorial
Monitoring Mayan EDMS with Prometheus & Grafana
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