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Customize appearance

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I could not find any information regarding theme customization on the documentation or the settings. Is this at all possible? If so how and where can I find a good resource on this? Thanks in advance

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Re: Customize appearance

Post by rosarior »

We had support in the past to change the CSS file used. Due to lack of use and becuase the HTML templates became more complex, the feature was removed. The process to customize the appearance is now the same process used to customize any part, the creation of a custom app that overrides the core app function.

For visual appearance create a skeleton app ( ... cture.html) and place new CSS in your app in a location that mirrors the CSS location in the appearance app ( ... arance/css). CSS alone won't achieve much. To change the templates to the same as with the CSS files ( ... appearance). Add your app to the settings COMMON_EXTRA_APPS to activate it.

The book has information about working with the internals of Mayan ( A new section can be added for visual modifications and examples if there is enough interest. As soon as the final remaining upgrade issues for version 3.3 are resolved work on the new edition of the book will start. So this is the right time to ask for new material for inclusion.

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