Version 3.2.7

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Version 3.2.7

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  • The issue affecting document checkouts has been fixed.
  • Add the internal_name field to workflow serializer needed to add multiple workflows via the API.
  • An issue with the document cabinet list API view has been fixed.
  • A repeated document index template column fixed.
  • Increase the mailing profile password field maximum length from 48 to 128 characters.
  • Update the Docker entrypoint to update the ownership of files when the UID of GUID are changed.
  • Update the Docker entrypoint to allow changing the GUID of the mayan user to existing values.
  • Rename the MAYAN_USER_GUID environment variable to the proper name of MAYAN_USER_GID
  • Backported from the v3.3 branch to allow individual index rebuild from the index menu.
  • Add automatic adjustment of HTML body on navigation bar height changes.
  • Template updates to make sure system alerts don't appear under floating elements.
Docker image available at:

Python packages available at: and installable via:

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pip install mayan-edms==3.2.7
Full release notes:

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