Where in the world is Roberto right now?

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Where in the world is Roberto right now?

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A little birdie told me that they saw Roberto at the Boston Logan International Airport in full business regalia :lol:

But seriously, since Roberto and the team are traveling now more than before it would be great to know their location ahead of schedule. Purpose? I would love being able to pick the brain of the people that are building this awesome project over coffee or lunch.

So Roberto and team, if you are staying in Boston for the next few days, hit me up. Lunch, coffee (or beer!), my treat.


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Re: Where in the world is Roberto right now?

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Yes, I was at Logan Airport but it was just a stop, I'm not staying in Boston. I would love to meet but the schedule is very tight. We are working on a 12 million pages deployment and won't have much time left to catch up. Since I'm traveling to do on-site consultation, support, and training, I don't think it would be prudent to take away from paid time.

Instead I suggest we do a dedicated event for Mayan fans, a meetup to start. This way I can fully focus on my clients when traveling for work and also fully focus on the community when traveling for a community meetup. What do you say?

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