Workflow feature mod requests

Requests for new functionality or improvements in existing functionality. Please provide clear descriptions of your request, an example or if possible a real life scenario.
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Workflow feature mod requests

Post by mayanvic » Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:33 pm

Hi - I started to implement workflows for corporate use and found a few issues that may be simple changes to improve usability.

1) On the "States of Workflow: xxx" page. With lots of states it would be nice to order this page via the "Completion" field value instead of alphabetic. To work around this, I have implemented a prefix on all my state descriptions, "01-state1, 02-state2, etc." This allows folks to see the order of state documents flow easier, top to bottom.

2) I have a few documents that got placed in a workflow, but should be moved out or into another workflow. It seems even changing a document type does not remove it from a workflow. It might be good to add a "Remove from Workflow" menu option like "Remove from Cabinet" if a doc resides in a workflow incorrectly.

3) Smaller issue, with the workflow preview, graphic, this seems to be auto sized and limited to a certain widthxheight. My workflow has 11 states now and this preview is no longer readable since all is micro sized. Is there a way to set this image size to expand it somehow?


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Re: Workflow feature mod requests

Post by GregoryA » Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:18 pm

We organize our states by department name, a dash an the name of the state. Same thing with the transitions. The name itself provides context.

Before using Mayan, all the BPM software he had didn't remove instances from a workflow. Makes sense since the instance will always have a relationship to the workflow. Instead we had a checkbox that displayed only instances that were still active (had not reached the final state of the workflow).

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Re: Workflow feature mod requests

Post by rosarior » Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:44 am

We figured some of the syntax of the external program we use for the workflow preview and removed the size restriction. They are rendered in better resolution, we also tweaked the CSS and centered the preview.
Relevant commits: ... 0c6499e8fc ... f97cb32d8e

We are still working on the status reorder and workflow instance removal.

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