How to display esign info (metadata?) on/with printed document?

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How to display esign info (metadata?) on/with printed document?

Post by solano1 »

We have tested e-signatures a bit within Mayan and it seems like it all results in esignature only riding along outside document as data.

Is there any way to display esignature data on a document itself? Perhaps as a final appended page? So the resulting printout, if originally 10 pages, may become 11 pages with last page being signature details? This way documented printed would should 1 of 11 and other information for traceability on each page.


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Re: How to display esign info (metadata?) on/with printed document?

Post by monadnock »

This would be a cool feature, but maybe difficult since appending the page would (probably) break the signature.

PoC||GTFO has pdf issues that contain the file's SHA256 hash in the content... it may be interesting to see what tricks they use.

It seems like this would be necessarily tightly coupled to the particular documents file-type.

It wouldn't be terribly hard to write an API client that pulled the document and it's metadata and mashed them together before spooling to a printer.

It's probably quite dependent on the local use case, probably not something that belongs in upstream?

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Re: How to display esign info (metadata?) on/with printed document?

Post by rosarior »

The tentative solution is a new feature we've named document summaries or summary pages. These are added to the preview of the document without ever changing the physical document file. These are configure per document type from a list of possible information items registered by each app: metadata, tags, signature, etc. This was answered a few days ago here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=953

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