Help with Template Expressions and sending Emails

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Help with Template Expressions and sending Emails

Post by thomasd »

Hi there,

need some help, as I'm struggling with templates.

I would like to send an email to a person, once a document is in a certain state.
So far so good, if the person's email address is in the metadata I can use a workflow action and send to {{}}

But if it's a bit more sophisticated, how could I archieve to send an Email to every relevant person in case an access control list is added? So notify the persons that were assigned to that document?

Or how can I find a full list of available template exporessions like "", I saw there are some for {{ workflow_instance_context.XXXTransitionField }} or there might be a possibility to loop through all ACL's Role's Users for example.

I'm sure thats quite powerfull, but I'm struggling with the documentation of those template expressions and where to debug/test them.

Thanks in advance, Thomas
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