Bulk download cabinet content

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Bulk download cabinet content

Post by pdfocd »

I've recently upgraded from 3.5.x to 4.2.6 and noticed that it is no longer possible to select multiple items in the listview and "quick download" the files.

In 3.5.x my workflow was to download the cabinet content (e.g. "Taxes 2022") and then have all the PDFs that I added to the cabinet.

* Go to cabinet
* Open document from cabinet in new tab
* Click "Files"
* Click file in "Files"
* Click context menu
* Click quick download
is infeasible if it's more than a couple of files.

How do I bulk download the PDFs in 4.2.6?

It might be possible to create a custom index on the cabinet, FUSE-mount that and then copy paste the PDF via file-explorer?
Seems a tad complicated too though :(
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Re: Bulk download cabinet content

Post by michael »

Version 4.0 we introduced the ability to upload more than one file per document. This was added to allow appends and page re-composition.


The downside is that the semantics of how to download multiple documents is not longer defined.

You want to download 2 documents in bulk, but the first document has 2 files, how many files should be downloaded? 3 in total (2 for the first document plus 1 for the second) or just 2 files representing the latest files uploaded for each document (but what if the first document is appending the second file to the first?)

When selecting documents for download we would need to add a way to allow users to select which files from the selected documents are to be downloaded.

We need to first come up with the mechanics that satisfies this before attempting to add the feature. We have not come up with a solution that complies with all the requirements and philosophy of Mayan.

The solution must work for all (or as many use cases as possible). It must also work the same for 1, a few or many documents.

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