CSRF issue with running Mayan as https

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Vrinda A
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CSRF issue with running Mayan as https

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I am trying to setup a Mayan EDMS application newly by building the Docker image from the sources cloned from GitHub (https://github.com/mayan-edms/Mayan-EDMS)
I could get the container running and could test all the features with default http configuration.

To run the server as https, I updated the command to run Gunicorn in mayan/apps/platform/templates/platform/supervisord_docker.tmpl by providing the key and certificate paths as : --certfile=/opt/SSL/certificate.crt --keyfile=/opt/SSL/certificate.key --bind

With this change the application now runs as https but I get CSRF issues. I saw a similar topic viewtopic.php?t=290 reported but do not see what is the actual solution.

Also, I have no proxy servers setup; only trying to run the application directly as https.
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