"get_intermediate_file() line 260 Error creating intermediate file "intermediate_file"; ."

When things don't work as they should.
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"get_intermediate_file() line 260 Error creating intermediate file "intermediate_file"; ."

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I have build a docker container with mayan 3.5.4 .When I upload a office word file or text file,it couldn't be searched with its content. And then I found the expection in the server logs.

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mayan.apps.documents.models.document_version_models <60> [ERROR] "get_intermediate_file() line 260 Error creating intermediate file "intermediate_file"; ."
2021-01-27T02:05:42.715548506Z [2021-01-27 02:05:42,714: ERROR/ForkPoolWorker-8] Error creating intermediate file "intermediate_file"; .
2021-01-27T02:05:42.720389206Z mayan.apps.documents.models.document_page_models <60> [ERROR] "get_image() line 252 Error creating page cache file "base_image"; "
2021-01-27T02:05:42.720413669Z [2021-01-27 02:05:42,720: ERROR/ForkPoolWorker-8] Error creating page cache file "base_image";  
Could anyone kindly help me to solve this problem?
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Re: "get_intermediate_file() line 260 Error creating intermediate file "intermediate_file"; ."

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This is caused by a cache collision. This is a situation where the cache is full and starts evicting old content just as it is being used. Try increasing the size of the cache and reducing the load on your installation.

For version 4.0 we have improved the cache eviction algorithm to take not just age but also usage (hits) of the cache elements when deciding what to evict. The cache eviction now operates in an LRU+LFU (least recent used and least frequently used) mode to ensure that only the least usable data is removed.

In addition to the eviction logic improvement, we improved the file cache locking code and added support for preemptive locking. This allows the document renderer to pre-lock a cache file that it plans to work on.

These improvement reduce the probability of cache collisions by many orders of magnitude.
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