Duplex scanning

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Duplex scanning

Post by KevinPawsey »

Hi all,

what scanners do people use with Mayan-EDMS? I am on my second scanner now, and I am still having issues with it. I made sure that it was a SANE compatible scanner, and purchased a Canon DR-2580C (uses canon_dr back end). It is detected correctly, and works to an extent, just that I cannot get it to duplex scan, and it seems to refuse to scan anything more than one page.

Has anyone got duplex scanning working successfully, and if so, what scanner are you using?

Thanks for your help.

Running Mayan-EDMS on: OpenMediaVault, (Docker plugin), on x86 dual-core

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Re: Duplex scanning

Post by rosarior »

I use an ESPON WF-3640 for flatbed scanning (torn or longer than legal receipts) and a Brother ADS-2800W for large number of page scans as it is very fast but needs the pages to be in excellent condition.

I've had a lot of issues using the duple feature of both from Mayan, from Ubuntu's Simple Scan and from the command line. The only program that seems to support duplex without problems is SANE's own Tk UI. It can only produce single page images, you need to combine then using the command line to get a PDF.

I saw a previous post of yours suggesting allowing users to add their own custom command line for scanning in Mayan and I think it is a good idea. That way you can try different options of the scanimage command and then enter into Mayan the specific setup for your scanner. We'll try to implement it.

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